2018 BRP Calendar Photo Contest

And the winners are...
We received over 600 photos and nearly 15,000 votes in the 2018 Blue Ridge Parkway Calendar Photo Contest. Bonita Loggins takes the Grand Prize and will be featured on the cover of the calendar with a stunning view of the Parkway complete with rolling hills, the iconic fences, and a spectacular sky. See all the winners by clicking here.
Many other photos will be included in the calendar (other than the "Monthly Winners")--last year we had about 50 photos in the calendar.
We hope to send the calendar to the printer this month and have them available for sale by mid-July. Thanks to everyone who submitted photos and everyone who voted.

NEW: Archived Climate Data

The site now includes all the climate information we could find for the Blue Ridge Parkway Corridor. Zoom into the map to find points marked by "folder icons", click on the folder icon and explore. You'll find tons of data-- temperatures, precipitation, and snow averages by the day and month. Daily and monthly records for temperatures, precipitation, and snow are also presented.

Parkway Road Closures

Real-time Parkway road closures can be found by clicking here.

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