About RaysWeather.com

Reading the RaysWeather.Com weather forecast is a daily ritual for many Northwest NC residents. Featuring the most reliable forecast, 60 reporting weather stations, twenty-six webcams, and pertinent local information, RaysWeather.Com is the most widely read media outlet in Northwest NC. RaysWeather.Com delivers about 4.5 million web pages per month to an estimated 250,000 generating about $250,000 total sales (advertising and products) per year. 65% of our viewers check RaysWeather.com every day.

RaysWeather.Com had the most unlikely of beginnings. Forecasting started as a hobby for Ray in the mid 1990s when he produced a snow forecast on his ASU webpage. During that time, he began reading college meteorology texts to improve his forecasting skills. As a Christmas present in 1998, Ray’s wife Rhonda gave him a weather station. In the fall of 1999, Ray began uploading live weather data from his house in “Beautiful Downtown Rutherwood” (5 miles east of Boone). The forecasts and live weather data rapidly grew in popularity, so much so that Ray moved the site from his ASU webpage to BooneWeather.Com. From that small beginning, RaysWeather.Com now covers the weather across the mountains and foothills of Northwest NC from Sparta and Wilkesboro southwest to Hickory, Asheville, Waynesville, and Wolf Laurel—about 60 weather stations in all. In addition to weather, RaysWeather.Com features webcams, Life Outdoors articles, the Photo of the Day, and the annual Blue Ridge Parkway Calendar Photo Contest.

About Our Forecasters

Dr. Ray Russell is a Computer Science professor at Appalachian State University. His PhD is in Computer Science from Georgia Tech (1989); weather has been a long-time passion. He started posting a "snow forecast" on the university website back in the mid 1990's; this evolved into RaysWeather.Com in 2000.

Eric Anderson (RWC's Chief Meteorologist) received his degree in meteorology from the University of North Carolina at Asheville and is a 20-year veteran of NOAA with experience in forecasting, observation and analysis.

Harold Alston is a N.C. native with Bachelor of Science degrees from both App State (Broadcast Communications) and UNC-Asheville (Meteorology). He has over 30 years experience tracking and forecasting NC weather including 20 years experience for media outlets.

Roger Martin, a recent addition to the RWC forecast crew, is originally from eastern TN, but now resides in northern Alabama with his wife and daughter. Roger is a graduate of the University of South Alabama with a B.S. in Meteorology. He has forecasted for many places across the US, including NC, with a specific interest in severe weather and winter weather.

David Still was raised in Charlotte and has a Bachelor of Science degree from App State and a Certificate of Major in Atmospheric Sciences from UNC-Asheville. His experience includes television stops in Sioux City and Memphis before moving to Boone to work for RaysWeather.com full time.